You’ll be able to ‘grow’ the world of Minecraft with 3D printers, in just 3 weeks

A few months ago, Microsoft and 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot announced a partnership that allowed anyone to print objects from scratch in 3D using MakerBot 3D Printers.

The idea is to use the 3D printing platform to build entire homes out of Lego bricks, which are then printed on a MakerBot printer.

Today, the company announced that the same program is being extended to other 3D printed objects, such as buildings, bridges and structures.

“With MakerBot’s new 3D Printer SDK, we are making it easy to create 3D printable materials and features for Minecraft and Minecraft-compatible 3D tools like the MinecraftForge,” says Paul C. Miller, vice president of hardware and technology for MakerBot.

The company will now offer a 3D Builder application that lets you build your own 3D structures from Lego bricks.

The app is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

MakerBot also released a video for its new MakerBot Creator 3D Studio, a new version of the software that will allow users to create tools like bricks, models, and even buildings out of the company’s new Makerbot 3D 3DPrinting Platform 3D.

“Today, we’re introducing the MakerBot MakerBot-MakerBot Creator for 3D Printing.

It’s the ultimate 3D tool to create, 3D design, 3d build and 3d print with,” Miller said.

“We want to make 3D build a reality for everyone in the world, not just in Minecraft.”

Miller went on to explain that the new MakerMaker-MakerMakerBot- MakerBot Developer SDK is “the first time 3D building tools have been built in MakerBot hardware.”

You can see how the new tool looks like in the video below.

3D Builders are becoming more popular with hardware manufacturers and are becoming an important part of the Minecraft ecosystem.

Minecraft Forge is a popular 3D builder, and the Minecraft version of Minecraft is the most popular Minecraft platform.

MakerMaker, maker of MakerBot, is also adding support for the MakerMaker Creator 3d Studio.