How to avoid building a wall of cement in San Diego

It’s not that we want to build a wall around San Diego, it’s that we’re not sure we want a wall at all.

The San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau has posted a map of its plans for a “San Diego wall” that will include barriers around the city, fences around historic sites and a fence around the bayfront.

The bureau’s map is not a comprehensive blueprint, but it does show how the bureau is planning to make a concrete barrier around the historic town of San Marcos.

The bureau says it’s working with local and state officials to come up with a design that works best with the landscape.

It’s the first time the bureau has posted the design for a San Diego wall, which it says will make the city more attractive to tourists, as well as reduce crime and crime-related property damage.

It’s not a complete design yet.

The city is still working out the design of a separate barrier around one of its historic sites, which is also still under consideration.

The city’s main thoroughfare in the heart of San Diego is lined with historic buildings and houses that are a source of concern for the Bureau.

It’s unclear how the city plans to accommodate the visitors of the city that has been hit by a devastating hurricane last year.