How to Make a Trowel with Layrite Clay and Bruder cement

The cement trowsers used in this tutorial were sourced from the manufacturer of cement tiles, which you can purchase at a local hardware store.

You can also use cement tiles in place of mortar to make a floor mat or wall mat.

To make your own concrete floor mat, follow these steps: 1.

Clean out the sink, bathroom sink, and shower and rinse thoroughly with cold water.

You’ll be left with a smooth, flat surface that’s ready for use.


Lay down concrete on the concrete floor.

Use a mortar or sander to smooth the surface and then pour in a small amount of cement to seal the surface.


Apply a little bit of cement and fill in gaps in the concrete.

Make sure you fill in all the gaps with mortar or sand to make the surface look smooth and even.


Next, apply a layer of layrite cement to the surface of the cement.

You may want to use a thicker coat of layite cement to help seal the cement from the weather.


Once the cement has been laid, use a sander or drill to make it smooth and clean.

You should be able to use your hand to seal all the seams, and all the corners should look even.


Next up, you can use the cement tile to make your mat.

Simply put it on the floor and then put a small square of concrete in the center.

Place your mat in a circular pattern and seal it with cement.

This method will keep your mat from cracking when you remove it from the concrete, but it will also create more surface area for the cement to adhere to. 7.

Now you can add your finishing touches by applying a small bit of chalk to the cement tiles to make them more shiny.


If you are planning to put the mat in the basement, the top of the mat is a good place to put it.

Apply the top coat of cement, then seal it up. 9.

Next you can place your concrete mat in your home, but be careful.

The cement will not adhere to the concrete underneath the mat.

You must use a sanding board to remove all the excess cement.

It’s best to seal up the whole area, and be sure to seal it well.

If the mat isn’t too well cemented, the water will leak through it and the cement will soak through the water, damaging the surface underneath.

The best way to seal is to use cement that is pre-mixed with water.

If your concrete doesn’t adhere to your mat, use another cement.

If there’s not enough cement in the mix to seal, you’ll need to sand down the concrete a bit with a sandpaper.