What will the next major sporting event be?

By John O’ConnellIn the aftermath of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, which were overshadowed by the fallout from the World Cup, Rio 2016 organisers are now looking to build on the legacy of the Games by taking on a new era.

The 2020 Olympic Games will see the opening of a new stadium, with an expanded venue to host the opening and closing ceremonies and the final, the Closing Ceremony, to be held on the opening day of the Olympic Games.

This is the latest step in a much larger programme to be implemented in Rio 2016 to improve public health, transport, education and sporting facilities.

As well as a new Olympic Stadium and stadium extension, the organisers will also invest in a new training facility to improve the quality of life of Brazilians and train them to be the next generation of Olympians.

This new facility will be part of the city of ParĂ¡, in the state of Para, which has been hit hard by the recent hurricanes, the devastating floods, the destruction of crops and the devastation caused by the fires that broke out in the area during the Games.

The venue will be built on the site of the former Olympic stadium in ParĂ¡ and will host an international sporting event, as well as the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

The stadium extension will also help to bring the total Olympic stadium construction to more than 1,600km, from which the Rio Olympic stadium will be constructed.

It is hoped that this extension will create a better environment for the public to enjoy the Games, with a wider range of sporting events to choose from.

In the coming weeks, the Olympic organising committee will announce the dates and venues of the events that will take place in the new venue.

It will be the third consecutive year that the Games will be held in Brazil.

The first Games were held in 1968, and the second in 1984.