What was the first cemented concrete building in Mexico?

I don’t know if this is true, but the first concrete building that I ever saw in Mexico was a cemented cemento building in a plaza in Mexico City.

This is in the city of Guadalajara.

I know that there are many buildings that I haven’t seen before that were built in cement, but I haven�t seen any concrete cementos, and this building is the first one that I saw in the plaza.

It�s a cemento, or cement-made structure.

They�ve got concrete in the walls and floors and they have concrete columns in the ceiling.

They were constructed in the 1960s and 70s.

What happened to it? They didn�t do much with it.

It was left in a very poor condition.

It probably has never been touched by anybody, although I think it�s probably been touched more than once.

The building was abandoned in 1995.

It had a big hole in it. So I don�t know if it was demolished or abandoned.

I don.�t know what the history is of the building. But I don��t know whether they were there in the 1970s or the 1990s, because I�ve never seen any evidence of it.

But they did use it for a lot of different purposes.

The first cement that I encountered in Mexico when I was in Mexico, I saw it in the early 1990s in the neighborhood of Monterrey.

This was a very large cemented-concrete building, and it was very well-built.

It has a very distinctive design, and I have to say, it looked very nice.

But the people who built it did not have a good experience with it, and so they took it down.

I saw a photo of this building in 2001.

And I was amazed to see that they took down the cemented and not cemented construction because it looked beautiful.

The people who were using it were working on cementing the sidewalks of the plaza, and they were really happy that the concrete had been built, because they thought it would make it look more professional.

And so I thought, wow, this building looks great.

And then I realized that it wasn�t.

They took it off the site.

I think they were working, and the cement was not finished yet.

And the cement that they used in this building was not good quality, and there were lots of cracks and lots of defects.

They couldn�t get it to hold up.

I remember seeing this building for the first time, and after I saw the photos of the structure, I thought it was incredible.

It looked so beautiful.

But then, as I looked at the concrete, I started thinking that maybe they had done a lot more damage to it than I thought they did.

I started asking my friends who worked there and their friends who lived nearby, and everybody told me the same thing: the building had been in such bad shape that there was just no way it could have stood on its own.

That was the kind of building that would be demolished.

They could not build a good concrete building like that.

So it�d probably be demolished now, and perhaps it would go into a different form.

But we�re going to look for it.

You can read more about the history of this cemented building here.