Construction on a new cement tile bathtub at the beachfront cottage has started

Cement tiles are a common feature in Sydney’s harbourside community, and in recent years a new one has been installed on the waterfront at the Sydney Harbour and Docklands.

A new cement flooring for the beach at The Shore was revealed at the end of April, with construction set to begin on the new cement tub in October.

The new concrete tub is expected to cost $1.9 million and is being built by local company Cement Tile, which has a history of building high-end residential and commercial buildings.

The sandstone flooring has been laid on the concrete and will be covered with a new type of cement to ensure it holds up in the elements.

“It is very good quality concrete, it has the ability to last a long time,” said Cement Flooring president and CEO Mark Wollaston.

“We want to be able to say that, as long as you have an installed, cemented tub, you can go for years with no issues.”

The sandstones will be mixed in with the concrete.

Cement Tile is also the builder of the new surf resort at the Shore, and is also building a second new structure on the beach to accommodate an additional 600 people.

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