Jerusalem: The Palestinians want an end to the blockade

At a meeting in the West Bank on Monday, Palestinians and Israelis expressed frustration over a new round of restrictions imposed by the Israeli military on the Palestinian territory.

The restrictions are aimed at cutting off essential water and electricity supplies to the Gaza Strip, which has been under an Israeli blockade since 2007.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing a coalition led by the ruling Likud party which is also expected to form a government.

The Palestinians demand an end the blockade, which is the biggest obstacle to a two-state solution.

In response to the Palestinian demand, Israel imposed a blanket ban on imports of cement from Gaza, and restrictions on Palestinians’ access to Gaza and West Bank.

However, Israeli restrictions have not affected the flow of cement into the Gaza-based strip, which imports around 60 percent of the cement used in Israel.

Israel says it is trying to prevent Hamas from building underground tunnels.

The United Nations is currently working to establish an international mechanism to bring the Gaza conflict to an end.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has called for a two state solution to end the two-sided conflict in the Gaza strip.

The Gaza Strip is home to 1.8 million Palestinians and a third of the population.

The Israeli military says it has destroyed more than 100 tunnels and hundreds of tunnels dug by the militants.

However Palestinian sources say Israeli forces have destroyed a further 130 tunnels.

Hamas, which controls the Gaza territory, insists the blockade and the siege on the Strip is necessary to halt the movement of weapons and people, and prevent the establishment of a state.