How to make a dental cement with the right tools

The process for creating tooth cement is simple: soak a mixture of sand and mineral spirits in water, then soak it in a solvent for several hours.

The solvent will dissolve the minerals and allow the water to form a paste.

Then add some mineral-rich toothpaste to the mixture and stir it up until it is smooth.

The paste can be stirred into the water and left in the refrigerator overnight.

If you have a high-powered blender, you can even use it to mix the paste into the sand, then pour it over the teeth.

Once the paste is mixed, pour the mixture into a mold or mold pot and let it sit for about an hour to form teeth.

After the first tooth is formed, repeat the process with the second tooth.

Once you’ve done all six steps, you’ll have a tooth that can be applied to the inside of your mouth and can be taken out to be cleaned with a toothbrush.