How to protect yourself from the bacteria found in cement faucets

How to get rid of the bacteria that can cause a UTI in your bathroom sink article Here’s how to prevent the bacteria from developing into an infection in your sink and bathroom fixtures.1.

Clean out the sink before the next flush.

Use the tap or other non-toxic surface cleaner to remove the water from the inside of the sink, including all the faucet handles, and let it dry out completely.

This will make the bacteria less likely to be in your fixtures.2.

Remove all traces of disinfectant from the water.

The disinfectant can be diluted or left in the water, and then wash out with soap and water.

If you don’t have soap or water handy, you can use a scrub brush or dish soap to scrub the water and sink surface.3.

If possible, rinse the sink with a warm water bath.

After the water is completely rinsed, gently wipe it off with a clean cloth and dry it off.4.

If the water isn’t immediately disinfected, use a disinfectant sprayer or disinfectant wipes to remove any residual disinfectant or disinfectants from the surface.

The cleaner may be applied directly onto the sink or on the floor.5.

When cleaning up the sink and/or bathtub, use soap and warm water to scrub off any residue from the soap or the water that remains on the surfaces of the sinks or bathtubs.6.

If there are other household items in the sink that you don�t want to disturb, do a thorough scrubbing.

Using a scrubbing sponge and a soft towel, gently scrub down the surfaces to remove debris and dust from the surfaces.7.

If using a disinfection sprayer, use it immediately after scrubbing to prevent any residue being released into the air.8.

After you rinse off the soap and/ or water, use one of these cleaning products on the sink to thoroughly clean and disinfect the surfaces and the sinks.

A clean surface will help remove any potential contamination from the sink.9.

Once you have thoroughly rinsened the sink using the disinfectant, it�s time to clean the bathroom fixtures in the same way.

Do not use soap or a detergent to remove stains or contaminants from the bathroom flooring.

If any stain is visible, use mild soap and a detergents bleach solution to wipe off the stain and to clean any residual stain from the flooring, ceiling or tiles.

Clean up the bathroom surfaces before the water runs out.

Wash the sink thoroughly with a gentle rinse and dry thoroughly with paper towels.

After thoroughly washing the sink by hand, wipe the surface dry with a damp cloth and clean the stain with a sponge.

Once thoroughly washed, do not use any bleach or detergants bleach solution.

Use a mild soap or detergent and a sponge to clean off any residual contamination from any area of the bathroom.10.

Rinse the bathroom and bathtub thoroughly with cold water, or soak the bathroom in warm water for at least 20 minutes.

Repeat this step until the water in the tub has dried completely.