‘Cement vase’ cement sculpture is back in Melbourne

A sculpture called “Cement Vase” has been unveiled in Melbourne’s CBD for a limited time.

The installation, named “The Great Cement”, is being exhibited in a new exhibition, “Cements and Architecture”, in the Melbourne Art Gallery.

“It was one of the few works I did for the Art Gallery of Melbourne and it was quite a big deal,” Ms McPherson said.

“I think people really appreciated the artwork.”

Ms McPhersons son, John McPhedran, has also been commissioned to create a sculpture in the sculpture.

The sculpture is designed by John McPedran, who has worked on previous projects in Australia and Europe.

“John McPheredran’s sculpture is a great tribute to the artist,” Ms Pherson added.

“He was the one who made me realise what I wanted to do with my life and the work he created with cement and plaster and concrete was quite inspiring.”

The installation was commissioned by the City of Melbourne.

The piece, made of concrete and plaster, was created by Ms Mcpherson and her husband, John, with the help of Melbourne sculptor James Karr.

“This is a big moment for Melbourne,” Ms Karr said.

Ms Mcphersons work was also featured in a 2010 exhibition, The Art of Melbourne, which featured sculptures by a range of artists.

“The work is part of the Melbourne’s art gallery’s ongoing exhibition of works by some of the city’s most celebrated artists,” Ms Tull said.

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